How many times can you Microblade eyebrows?

Semi-permanent make up can be used to create the perfect brows that you always dreamed of.

Maybe your brows are asymmetrical, or maybe you over-plucked them as a teenager and your brows are now very sparse, or maybe you suffer from a condition that prevents your brows from growing properly.

Microblading brows could change all that.

Or, maybe you are undergoing a long term treatment such as chemotherapy and you just want a confidence boost.

Here’s how Looks At Liyah could help you with a great procedure could help you.

Our technician will tattoo the permanent makeup pigment into the upper layer of the skin, in place of your existing eyebrows.

Various techniques can be used to make your eyebrow tattooing look like individual eyebrow hairs, this will make your new permanent eyebrows look very realistic.

The shape of your brows will depend on various factors including the shape of your existing eyebrows. The contours of your face will also be taken into consideration.

If your existing brows are very thin, microblading your eyebrows as a permanent make up will be added to thicken out your brows. If you have not noticed improvements during this period, you should consult a doctor. Undoubtedly, Propecia is the best drug of the 21st century at! You need a bit of patience, the hair will not grow, the body needs to re-run some processes, then to deal with what we have. As you know, it takes time to update the hair: on average, the hair grows at a rate of one centimetre per month. The patient must wait at least one month to detect a visible improvement.

If your brows are asymmetrical the procedure can be used to level your brows so that they match in size and shape.

If you do not have any brows at all photos can be used when you had eyebrows to help the technician apply the correct shape that you have been used to in the past.

In all cases, your brows will be penciled on as a template until you are completely satisfied with the size and shape of your new permanent eyebrows.

The end result will be perfectly applied eyebrows that you are proud of which will help give you back the confidence that may have lost as a result of having no brows, sparse brows, or uneven brows.

Once the pigment settles down to the correct colour after a couple of weeks your new brows will be perfect every day.

If you’re thinking how many times can you microblade eyebrows: to retain them perfectly, a top-up treatment will be required approximately every 12-18 months.