3 Important Tips To Prevent A Blind Spot Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle is a fun and exciting way to get around town. However, it can be dangerous in the wrong hands. A blind-spot motorcycle accident can occur when another driver doesn’t see you coming from either behind or on the side of their vehicle. This type of crash usually happens because drivers are not looking for motorcycles on the road ahead, significantly when changing lanes or turning at an intersection. Luckily there are some steps that you can take to help prevent this type of injury:

Ride defensively: Make sure you don’t drive recklessly on a busy road. Instead, follow all the road safety rules and operate within your limits. Every time you want to change lanes, use your turn signals to let other drivers know what you’re going to do so they can react accordingly. Also, stay as close as possible to the right side of the lane because that’s where there are fewer cars and more space for motorcycles. This also means that oncoming vehicles will have a better view of you if something happens.

Avoid riding during rush hour traffic: It’s not safe to ride a motorcycle during rush hour because there are so many cars on the road. Not only does this make it difficult for drivers to see you in their mirrors when making turns or lane changes, but they might be more impatient and aggressive as well. If you have no other option but to go out on a motorcycle during rush hour, follow the previous tip without any second thoughts.

Wear bright colors, so other drivers will notice you: Wearing bright colors and reflective gear will help other drivers notice you. This is especially important during the day when it’s harder for them to see. If they can’t see you, that increases your chances of getting in a blind spot motorcycle accident by about 50%.

If you still meet with an accident after following all the tips discussed here and traffic rules applicable in your city, then consider talking to an injury lawyer. You can check out https://www.onderlaw.com/st-louis/ and learn more about everything that needs to be done after an accident to recover your losses.